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Summer Pool Safety Tips

As the summer heats up and summer vacation begins, children will be spending more time in and around pools. As San Diego injury lawyers, we urge parents to take proper safety precautions.

According to the CPSC, an average of 5,200 children under 15 were treated in emergency rooms for pool or spa-related submersion injuries from 2009 to 2011. Approximately 58 percent of fatalities (annual average of 226) occurred in in-ground pools, while portable pools accounted for 10 percent of the reported fatalities (annual average of 40) to children younger than 15 years of age.

To help avoid injuries, below are a few important tips from the CPSC:

  • Never leave a child unattended in a pool or spa and always watch your child when he or she is in or near water.
  • Have a telephone close by when you or your family is using a pool or spa.
  • If a child is missing, look for him or her in the pool or spa first.
  • Install a four-foot or taller fence around the pool and spa and use self-closing and self-latching gates; ask your neighbors to do the same at their pools.
  • Install pool and gate alarms to alert you when children go near the water
  • Ensure any pool and spa you use has compliant drain covers, and ask your pool service provider if you do not know
  • Maintain pool and spa covers in good working order
  • Consider using a surface wave or underwater alarm

In addition, pool toys can also pose a risk to children. For more information about an important pool slide recall, please see our previous post.