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Foundation Offers Life-Saving Cardiac Screening Tests for Teens

While sudden cardiac arrest is the second leading cause of death in those under 25, most teens are not tested for abnormalities as part of a routine physical exam. The EP Save a Life Foundation is working hard to bring these important screenings to all San Diego area teens.

The foundation is named after Eric Paredes, a fifteen-year-old Steele Canyon High School sophomore athlete who died suddenly and unexpectedly from sudden cardiac arrest. His parents, Hector and Rhina Paredes, established the foundation to honor their son and to prevent this tragedy from happening to other families.

Heart abnormalities are more common in teens than many parents might suspect. Among teens in the U.S., 1 in 350 have an underlying heart condition that can put them at risk. Thousands of kids die annually from sudden cardiac arrest. San Diego alone loses three to five teens every year.

Fortunately, abnormalities in the heart’s electrical system that cause sudden cardiac arrest can be detected with a simple EKG. To boost awareness, the foundation offers free screenings at area high school and local events.

This is a great charity, and we fully support the efforts of this family to get every teen screened. For more information, please visit the EP Save a Life Foundation website.