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Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Many San Diego drivers likely don’t realize that fatigue can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. It slows your reaction time, impairs your vision, and causes lapses in judgment.

Drowsy driving is also extremely common. A recent survey revealed that more than a quarter of drivers acknowledge getting behind the wheel while fatigued.

Overall, driver fatigue results in more than 10,000 crashes a year and approximately 1,500 deaths, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). The American Automobile Association estimates that one out of every six fatal traffic accidents, and one out of eight crashes requiring hospitalization of drivers or passengers, is attributed to drowsy driving.

In a public awareness campaign held earlier this month, California Highway Patrol reminded drivers about the importance of staying alert. It stressed the importance of getting proper rest and scheduling breaks during long trips.

The CHP also shared the following signs that it is time to get off the road and take a break:

  • Difficulty focusing, frequent blinking, or heavy eyelids
  • Difficulty keeping daydreams at bay
  • Trouble keeping your head up
  • Drifting from your lane, swerving, tailgating, and/or hitting rumble strips
  • Inability to clearly remember the last few miles driven
  • Missing exits or traffic signs
  • Yawning repeatedly
  • Feeling restless, irritable, or aggressive

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