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Is 3D Technology Safe?

As 3D technology continues to grow in popularity, San Diego parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the risk of child injury. Although some products like the Nintendo 3DS have warning labels, others do not.

To address questions about the safety of 3D technology for young children, the American Optometric Association (AOA) has posted a 3D eye health FAQ on its website that addresses many frequently raised safety questions. We have listed several below.

At what age can my child view 3D safely?


Vision, including binocular vision, develops from birth. No detrimental effects of viewing 3D have been reported at any age. Parents should note that from 6-12 months of age, basic binocularity is established. By the age of 3 years most children will have binocular vision well enough established to enjoy viewing 3D television, movies or games.

How long should children watch 3D television, movies or games?


As with most actives moderation is important. In this case, moderation may be helpful in avoiding behaviors that may lead to unhealthy sedentary lifestyles.

From a developmental vision perspective, establishing time limits makes sense, but need not be different from the same limits placed on the viewing of 2D content. Parents should keep in mind that hand held devices, due to the close proximity of the viewing, place higher demands on the vision system and that more frequent breaks are recommended when using these devices.

As a parent should I have concerns about my child viewing 3D television, movies or games and seizures?


For most children this is not a concern.

Parents should note that, children at any age with diagnosed conditions like photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) or for those taking medications that are known to lower seizure thresholds, caution should be used in watching either 2D or 3D television. There is no evidence that the risks of any seizure condition-related episodes are any greater with any method of 3D viewing. Parents should also keep in mind that, as in 2D viewing, the viewing content may be an important factor in an unwanted PSE response.

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