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Pedestrian Safety Tips for Back to School

As summer draws to a close children across the country are heading back to school. As San Diego injury attorneys, we think it is a great time for parents to sit down with their children for a pedestrian safety lesson.

Children are particularly vulnerable to pedestrian accidents. They are often difficult to see and may not always be aware of the danger posed by an approaching vehicle. In fact, approximately 61 children in the United States are injured as pedestrians every day, according to a recent report by Safe Kids Worldwide.

With this in mind, we want to share several of the NHTSA’s pedestrian safety tips:

  • Young children should be introduced to basic safety principles (look left-right- left for traffic) and simple explanations. Model these correct behaviors as part of your day-to-day activities, and point out correct and incorrect pedestrian safety behaviors. This will lay the foundation for them to think safety and apply safe behavior to their own actions.
  • Supervise your children constantly – especially when they’re near parked or moving vehicles, or playing near streets or driveways.
  • Hold your child’s hand when crossing streets, walking along streets and in parking lots
  • Show your child how to walk facing traffic when there’s no sidewalk.
  • Demonstrate how to cross the street by stopping at the curb or street’s edge and looking left-right-left for traffic before crossing.
  • Children age 10 and under do not have the skill sets to manage traffic situations by themselves. They must be supervised closely by an adult or young adult.
  • Set a good, safe example when walking on streets or sidewalks and when crossing roads.