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Should Product Recalls Be Publicized Via Social Media?

A recent report reveals that manufacturers rarely publish product recall information on social media. As San Diego product liability lawyers, we are concerned that companies are not using all of the tools at their disposal to notify the public about defective products.

Kids In Danger’s report specifically examined children’s products that have been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). While the report found that recalls declined in 2014, the percentage of products that were actually fixed or destroyed remained alarming high. Nearly 80 percent of the children’s products recalled in 2013 are still in the hands of consumers.

Despite the obvious need to increase awareness, Kids In Danger found that very few companies use social media to alert the public about potentially dangerous defects, despite using these platforms for marketing purposes. As the report notes:

Data collected by the Pew Research Center shows that nearly three out of every four adults that use the Internet also use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Of these adults, 71% use Facebook and 23% use Twitter. This is a sizeable population that could be alerted to dangerous children’s products through social media. Therefore if manufacturers of recalled children’s products truly want to warn their consumers about hazardous recalled products they would utilize these important social tools to reach more at risk families.

Overall, the Kids In Danger report found that less than a quarter of companies with a Facebook presence used it to share recall information. The statistics were only slightly better for Twitter at 32 percent. While the use of social media increased slightly since last year, there is clearly still a lot of room for improvement.