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A Look at the Holiday Season's Most Dangerous Toys

Unsafe or defective toys cause serious injuries and deaths every year. In 2009 alone, there were at least twelve (12) toy-related deaths to children under 15 years old, and an estimated 250,100 toy-related injuries were treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms.

Readers need to look no further than the safety recalls we post each week to see that many known hazards, such as toys with small parts, strings, rigid materials and other defects that lead to choking, impact, strangulation, burn, impalement, laceration, and puncture injuries, continue to be found in stores.

To help parents and caregivers know what dangers to look for when they purchase toys for children this holiday season and year-round, we would like to share World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc.’s (WATCH) list of most dangerous toys this year. The organization has been evaluating potential safety flaws and dangers in toys for more than three decades and, each year, identifies 10 toys it considers hazardous.

The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker

  • Manufacturer or distributor: Big Time Toys, LLC
  • Potential hazard: Possible electric shock and burn injuries

Sword Fighting Jack Sparrow

  • Manufacturer or distributor: Jakks Pacific
  • Potential hazard: Possible eye and other bodily injuries

‘Gigan’ Godzilla Figure

  • Manufacturer or distributor: Bandai
  • Potential hazard: Possible puncture wounds

Twist ‘n Sort

  • Manufacturer or distributor: Guidecraft Inc.
  • Potential hazard: Small parts cause a choking hazard

Power Rangers Samurai Mega Blade

  • Manufacturer or distributor: Bandai
  • Potential hazard: Blade can cause injuries

Fold and Go Trampoline

  • Manufacturer or distributor: The Original Toy Company
  • Potential hazard: Can cause injuries to people using it, including to the head and neck

Pulling Animal Duck

  • Manufacturer or distributor: Haba
  • Potential hazard: Potential for strangulation injuries

School Bus

  • Manufacturer or distributor: Schylling
  • Potential hazard: Choking hazard

Z-Curve Bow

  • Manufacturer or distributor: Zing Toys Inc.
  • Potential hazard: Danger to eyes.

Stepper ‘Low Rise” Stilts

  • Manufacturer or distributor: JJI Toys
  • Potential hazard: Head and other injuries from impact.