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Are Paramedics Lacking Critical Care Training?

In an emergency situation, paramedics can mean the difference between life and death. However, a recent study suggests that many are not properly trained.

Researchers surveyed 610 paramedics from across the country, the large majority of which worked in critical care transport. Lead author William Raynovich, of Creighton University EMS Education, and his colleagues asked the respondents what skills and tools they used while transporting patients and whether they received relevant training.

The results are alarming. As Reuters reports, nearly 12 percent of the paramedics who reported handling blood products, managing patients with chest tubes, or using devices to measure pressure inside the skull received no applicable training. The statistics were similar for neonatal incubators.

“It is most troubling that critical care patients are transported by paramedic crews that have not been adequately trained to manage the patient conditions, and the medications that are being administered to the patient, and the equipment that is in use during the transports,” Raynovich said.

Of course, this lack of training presents serious risks for patients. When faced with a medical emergency, paramedics may not have the skills and knowledge needed to provide the proper treatment.