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Could Your Medications Be Putting You at Risk for Stroke?

As San Diego injury attorneys, we are concerned by a new report that suggests that the sodium levels in many popular medications could be putting patients at risk for stroke.

The study, which was recently published in the British Medical Journal, examined whether patients who took medications high in sodium content were more likely to suffer cardiovascular “events” when compared with patients who were prescribed non-sodium formulations of the same drugs.

The answer is yes. Researchers found that patients who took high-sodium drugs were 22 percent more likely to suffer a non-fatal stroke and 28 percent more likely to die of any cause, when compared with patients who were prescribed other formulations.

The study also revealed that the sodium contained in one dose of certain drugs exceeds the recommended total daily allowance of sodium. Drugs that frequently contain high levels of sodium include powdered, effervescent or soluble formulations of acetaminophen, aspirin, metoclopramide, and zinc and calcium supplements.

Based on their findings, the researchers recommend that physicians prescribe sodium-containing formulations with caution and only if there are compelling reasons to do so. They also call for all medications to come with labels that clearly identify the sodium content.

For those who are concerned about their potential sodium exposure, you can check the ingredients in your medications for sodium carbonite or bicarbonate and talk to your doctors about alternative formulations.