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First Google Glasses Ticket Issued in San Diego

Texting is not the only culprit behind distracted driving. With today’s technology, drivers can surf the Internet, post on social media, and search for directions, all while behind the wheel.

Google Glass eye devices are the latest concern for law enforcement. The high-tech glasses feature a small display screen that allows the wearer to send text messages, browse the Internet, and perform many of the same tasks as you would on a smartphone.

Although they are not yet widely available to the public, California Highway Patrol issued its first citation earlier this month in San Diego. According to the Associated Press, the driver was initially stopped for speeding; however, when the officer noticed she was wearing Google Glass, he also added a citation for distracted driving.

While proponents of the new device argue that Google Glass is less distracting than using a cell phone, it still poses risks. For instance, it can still divert attention from the roadway.

The ticket, which may be the first involving Google Glass, raises questions about how quickly distracted driving laws will be able to keep pace with new devices. While several states are considering legislation to address Google Glass, California courts will have to apply old laws to new technology.