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Fallbrook Intersection Site of Multiple Accidents

As reported by the North County Times, Fallbrook, California is home to an extremely dangerous intersection. The latest accident at the intersection of East Mission Road and Santa Margarita was the 17th crash in the past five years. The accident left the nearby Fallbrook Utility district headquarters without power, but did not result in any injuries.

Keith Lewinger, the district general manager for Fallbrook Utility, has witnessed many of the accidents and requested that the town conduct a traffic study.

“Seriously, it’s two or three times a year,” he told the newspaper. “The monument in front of my office that says ‘Fallbrook Public Utility’ has been knocked over twice in 15 years. The windows in my office that look over the corner have been broken by debris from cars crashing. Last year in a period of 10 days, we had three accidents.”

While Fallbrook is taking steps to address the high-risk intersection, it is unclear when a traffic light might be installed, as there is already a waiting list for traffic lights in the county.

The majority of California car accidents happen at or near intersections. Therefore, drivers are advised to be extra cautious when approaching intersections and to be alert of drivers and pedestrians approaching from different directions.