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Free VIN Search Will Help Consumers Detect Uncompleted Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced that it has finalized a rule that will require automakers and motorcycle manufacturers to provide consumers with a free online tool that will enable them to search recall information by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The website will be available starting next year.

Using the new system, consumers will be able to instantly determine whether a specific vehicle is subject to a recall and whether the vehicle has received the remedy. Automakers and motorcycle manufacturers will be required to update the information at least weekly. Information will be provided on the manufacturers’ websites as well as the NHTSA’s site,

“Every day NHTSA is working for the American consumer to ensure that automakers and motorcycle manufacturers address safety defects and non-compliances, and that they also recall affected vehicles in a timely manner,” said NHTSA Administrator David Strickland. “By making individual VIN searches readily available, we’re providing another service to car, light truck and motorcycle owners and potential owners – the peace of mind knowing that the vehicle they own, or that they are thinking of buying, is safe.”

The final rule also includes several other provision intended to improve the auto recall process. It will require manufacturers to inform NHTSA about exactly what type of propulsion system and crash avoidance technologies vehicles have. According to the NHTSA, this information will assist the agency’s efforts to detect defect trends related to those systems and technologies. Manufacturers also will be required to provide vehicle owners with direct notice of recalls within 60 days of notifying NHTSA that a recall is occurring.