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FDA Warning: Supplements Can't Treat Concussions

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers about products on the market that claim to treat concussions. Not only are these dietary supplements unproven and untested, they could also be dangerous.

Concussions are the mildest form of traumatic brain injury or TBI. However, they still require proper diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring by a health care professional. Concussions can also have long-term consequences, particularly if victims fail to allow enough time for recovery or suffer consecutive injuries.

There is no scientific evidence that certain supplements can aid in the recovery from a concussion or other TBI. Yet companies are increasingly touting products that claim to speed up the healing process. In many cases, the supplements are sold on the Internet and marketed to consumers using social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

According to the FDA, one company claimed to have “the world’s first supplement formulated specifically to assist concussion recovery,” touting “it has the dynamic ability to minimize long-term effects and decrease recovery time.” A National Football League player testified to its “proven results in my own recovery” from a concussion, and an unnamed “licensed trainer” said he had incorporated it into his “concussion management protocol.”

The FDA warns that even if the supplements do not contain harmful ingredients, they could persuade concussion victims to avoid seeking necessary medical care.

“We’re very concerned that false assurances of faster recovery will convince athletes of all ages, coaches and even parents that someone suffering from a concussion is ready to resume activities before they are really ready,” stated Gary Coody, FDA’s National Health Fraud Coordinator. “Also, watch for claims that these products can prevent or lessen the severity of concussions or TBIs.”