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Is Encouraging Doctors to Admit Mistakes the Key to Preventing Deadly Medical Errors?

Doctors must promote a practice culture that rewards error reporting, encourages open lines of communication, and assesses data to learn from mistakes, according to a new policy statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics. As San Diego malpractice attorneys, we applaud these efforts to make our state’s health care facilities safer for patients, particularly young children.

In their statement, the authors recommend the following for improving pediatric patient safety:

  • Expand on current hospital-based patient-safety education to include ambulatory settings.
  • Develop pediatric-specific error reporting systems that don’t rely solely on computerized physician order entry.
  • Enhance family-centered practice by actively engaging young patients and their parents in safety issues.

“Pediatricians in all venues must have a working knowledge of patient-safety language, advocate for best practices that attend to risks that are unique to children, identify and support a culture of safety, and lead efforts to eliminate avoidable harm in any setting in which medical care is rendered to children,” the authors concluded.

Source: Fierce Practice Management