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Water Ball Toys Recalled Due to Ingestion Hazard

As San Diego product liability attorneys, we want to share an important recall involving toys that expand when placed in water. This is the second recall in recent months for these dangerous toys that can be mistaken for candy and cause serious injury to young children.

The latest recall specifically involves Cosmo Beads Jumbo Size Colorful Water Balls and Jumbo Multipurpose Colorful Water Balls toys. When placed in water, the absorbent beads expand up to the size of a racquetball. Unfortunately, the same thing can happen when ingested by children.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the toys when swallowed can cause intestinal obstructions inside a child’s body, resulting in severe discomfort, vomiting, and dehydration. In some cases, ingestion could be life threatening. Surgery is required to remove the beads, which may not always show up on x-rays.

The packaging on the toys states Cosmo Beads ™ Colorful Water Balls, Just Add Water, Biodegradable, Non-toxic and Colorfast. The packages have yellow and black color on the upper left corner and red in the lower right corner. The front of the Jumbo Size package has a picture of a hand holding two water balls and the words “Grows up to 600X (1.5”) Size.” They were sold at, and from June 2011 through August 2013 for between $2 and $20.

Parents should immediately take this recalled toy away from children and contact the importer, Eco-Novelty Corp., for a refund.