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Could Video Recording Surgeries Help Prevent Medical Errors?

Surgical errors occur more often than many patients would expect. Preventable mistakes, such as wrong-patient, wrong-site, and wrong-procedure errors, occur more than 4,000 times per year.

A 2012 study by researchers with Johns Hopkins University found that a surgeon in the United States leaves a foreign object, such as a surgical sponge, inside a patient’s body after an operation 39 times a week, performs the wrong procedure on a patient 20 times a week, and operates on the wrong body site 20 times a week.

Many surgical errors result in serious harm. In the Johns Hopkins study, six percent of the mistakes were fatal, while 32 percent resulted in permanent injury and 59 percent resulted in temporary injury. Unfortunately, doctors and healthcare facilities don’t always disclose surgical errors or take responsibility for their mistakes.

To help patients hold surgeons accountable, several states are currently considering legislation that would allow patients to request that their procedures be videotaped. In Wisconsin, a recently proposed bill would require healthcare facilities to give surgical patients the option of recording their surgical procedures. In New York, a proposed bill would require that all operating rooms be equipped with cameras that could be used to record surgeries at the patient’s request.

Both pieces of legislation are named after patients who suffered fatal surgical errors. In Wisconsin, Julie Ayer Ribenzer, a 38-year-old woman, received a fatal overdose of the drug propofol during a breast implant surgery. In New York, 19-year old Raina Ferraro went into cardiac arrest and died after doctors negligently administered her anesthesia.

Although the video recordings could shed light on why surgical errors occur and potentially prevent future mistakes, the medical industry is largely opposed to such measures. Accordingly, it is unclear if such legislation could ever become law in California. We will continue to monitor the issue and provide updates as they become available.

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