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Could the Hospital Building Itself Put You at Risk?

Patients are admitted to San Diego area hospitals in order to get well. However, studies show that the physical environment in some facilities may actually be putting patients at greater risk.

In fact, faulty pipes, wiring, walls, and floors can impact patient safety just as much as medical errors. As highlighted in Infection Control Today, examples include contaminated medical gas and vacuum systems, crossed water lines that cause a temperature flux during a patient’s dialysis, and improper wiring that results in the failure of a patient’s ventilator during an electrical outage. Even decorative fountains can become breeding grounds for infections.

Hazardous hospital conditions can occur for a number of reasons. Some hospitals may fail to properly inspect improvement projects upon completion, while others may fail to conduct proper preventive maintenance. The bottom-line is that many hospitals don't have the policies and procedures in place to address the safety risks associated with the physical environment of the healthcare organization.

In cases where the hospital’s negligence caused the unsafe condition and resulted in injury, patients may be able to recover compensation. If the harm is unrelated to the patient’s condition and the course of their treatment, rather than pursuing a medical malpractice suit, patients may instead have an ordinary negligence suit related to the unsafe condition of the premises.

If you believe that you may have suffered harm due to a hospital’s negligence, it is important to speak with an attorney who specializes in this area as soon as possible.

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