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Ten California Hospitals Fined for Medical Errors

The California Department of Public Health has fined ten hospitals for medical errors that resulted in injuries or death to a patient. The penalties totaled $785,000 and related to mistakes ranging from foreign objects left in the body after surgery to medication administration errors.

“The value of the fines is bringing awareness both to the healthcare industry and healthcare providers but also to consumers,” Debby Rogers, deputy director of the department’s Center for Healthcare Quality, stated.

Four of the ten hospitals fined were Kaiser facilities. In San Diego, the Kaiser Foundation hospital was penalized for failing to follow established surgical policies and procedures.

According to DPH documents, the hospital removed the wrong kidney from a patient. The medical records of patient indicated that the left kidney was the organ that had been previously identified over a four-year period to have a suspected cancerous tumor mass. However, surgeons removed the right kidney. It was the hospital’s second administrative penalty.

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