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Top Six Errors in Outpatient Care

As San Diego medical malpractice attorneys, we have seen a rise in the number of medical mistakes related to outpatient care. As further evidence, a new report by the American Medical Association’s Center for Patient Safety documents widespread patient safety problems in ambulatory care such as incorrect prescribing, misdiagnoses, missed test results, and poor communication in physician practices.

As the report notes, “ambulatory care patient visits outnumber hospital admissions by 300 to 1. Meanwhile, more than half of the medical liability claims paid are for outpatient adverse events, with two-thirds of those claims involving major injury or death.”

According to the AMA, the following medical errors are the most widely documented in outpatient care:

  • Medication errors such as prescriptions for incorrect drugs or incorrect dosages.
  • Diagnostic errors such as missed, delayed and wrong diagnoses.
  • Laboratory errors such as missed, delayed and wrong diagnoses.
  • Clinical knowledge errors such as knowledge, skill and general performance errors on the part of physicians and other clinicians.
  • Communication errors such as doctor-patient communication errors, doctor-doctor communication errors or other miscommunications between parties.
  • Administrative errors such as errors in scheduling appointments and managing patient records.

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