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What Does It Mean When My Car Is Recalled?

Finding out your vehicle has been the subject of a safety recall can be alarming. However, it is always better to find out before a tragic accident occurs.

As San Diego product liability attorneys, we want drivers to understand what it means when a vehicle is recalled.

First, a safety recall involving a motor vehicle or an item of motor vehicle equipment can be independently conducted by a manufacturer or ordered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In either case, the manufacturer must file a public report describing the safety-related defect or noncompliance with a Federal motor vehicle safety standard, the involved vehicle/equipment population, the major events that resulted in the recall determination, a description of the remedy, and a schedule for the recall.

Second, manufacturers are obligated to attempt to notify owners of recalled products . As detailed by the NHTSA, each notification letter must contain the following information:

  • Describe the defect or noncompliance;
  • The risk or hazard posed by the problem, including any warning of the problem;
  • A brief description of the free remedy, including when the remedy will be available and how long the repair will take; and
  • A description of what the owner can do if the owner is unable to have the problem corrected within a reasonable time and without charge.

Third, manufacturers must provide owners safe, free, and effective remedies according to the Safety Act and Federal regulations. Remedies can include the repair, replacement, or repurchase of the vehicle or item of equipment that will correct the safety defect or noncompliance.

It is important to understand that even if you do not receive a notification, if your vehicle, child restraint, or other item of equipment is involved in a safety recall, the manufacturer is still obligated to fix it for free.

What If You Are Injured by the Defect?

The Safety Act does not provide for reimbursement for damages that the defect or noncompliance may have caused. However, you may be able to pursue compensation for injuries and other losses through a San Diego product liability lawsuit.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured by a dangerous or defective product, don’t hesitate to contact a San Diego product liability attorney at the Law Offices of Robert Vaage for a free consultation.