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Defective Crib Poses Safety Risks

Crib safety has improved significantly in recent years, in large part due to enhanced product safety standards. However, defective cribs still make it onto the market. In fact, more than 11 million cribs have been recalled since 2007.

As San Diego product liability lawyers, we want parents to be aware of an important product recall involving DaVinci brand cribs manufactured by Bexco Enterprises Inc. The recall involves more than 11,000 defective cribs, which were sold by retailers such as Target and from May 2012 to December 2013 for between $150 and $250.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a metal bracket that connects the mattress support to the crib can break, creating an uneven sleeping surface or a gap. When this happens, a baby can become entrapped in the crib, fall or suffer lacerations from the broken metal bracket. Bexco has received 10 reports of the mattress support brackets detaching. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported.

For parents who are concerned that their children may be sleeping in a defective crib, the recall involves full-size cribs, including the Reagan crib (model #M2801), the Emily crib, (model #M4791), the Jamie crib (model #M7301), and the Jenny Lind crib (model #M7391), manufactured from May 2012 through December 2012. The model number, serial number, and manufacture date are printed on a label affixed to the bottom right-hand side panel of the crib. Cribs included in the recall have serial numbers that begin with “N00,” followed by one of the following numbers:

  • Reagan: 4959/ 5035/ 5109
  • Emily: 4648/ 4669/ 4962
  • Jamie: 4954/ 5029
  • Jenny Lind: 4954/ 4620/ 4669/ 4758/ 4934/ 4994/ 5041/ 4648

Given the safety risks, the CPSC advises that parents and caregivers immediately stop using the recalled cribs and contact Bexco for a free replacement mattress support. In the meantime, parents are urged to find an alternate, safe sleeping environment for the child, such as a bassinet, play yard or toddler bed.