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Walgreens Vitamins Fail to Meet Child Safety Requirements

As San Diego injury lawyers, we want to share an important recall alert involving “Well at Walgreens” multivitamin Women 50+ tablets. The vitamins pose a danger to children because they fail to comply with federal regulations.

Under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, household substances that pose a poisoning risk, such as medications and vitamins, must be packaged in child-resistant packaging. The packaging must be designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children less than five years of age to open within a reasonable time, but not difficult for normal adults to use properly.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the packaging for the Multivitamin Women 50+ tablets is not child-resistant as required by the PPPA. The multivitamin supplement tablets inside the bottle contain iron, which can cause serious injury or death to young children if multiple tablets are ingested at once.

For parents who may be concerned, the CPSC recall notice states that “Well at Walgreens Multivitamin Women 50+” is printed on the bottle’s white and silver label. A yellow band at the top of the label states “Value Size.” UPC number 3-11917-17262-0 and one of the following lot numbers 000001 (EXP 9/2016), 000002 (EXP 12/2016) or 000003 (EXP 11/2016) are printed on the back of the bottles on a white label. The recalled vitamins were sold at Walgreens drug stores nationwide from January 2015 through March 2015 for about $16.

Given the significant risk of injury, parents and caregivers are advised to immediately place recalled bottles out of the reach of children and contact International Vitamin Corp. for a free replacement child-resistant cap.