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How Did San Diego Rank in New Health Report?

A new report ranking local health system performance gave the city of San Diego mixed reviews. Overall, it ranked the area 116th out of 304 regions studied nationwide.

As the report highlights, “where you live in this country largely determines, for better or worse, the kind of health care you will receive.” To produce the rankings, the Commonwealth Fund divided the country into 304 regions and scored them on 43 elements under four broad categories: access to care, prevention and treatment, potentially avoidable hospital use and cost, and “healthy lives.”

As reported by the San Diego Union Tribune, in the category of prevention and treatment, the study found that San Diego hospitals generally provided appropriate care for patients with heart failure, pneumonia and other problems, but did less well in managing pain, responding to patient call buttons, and explaining medicines and side effects.

As San Diego elder abuse attorneys, we are particularly concerned about the findings related to local nursing homes. San Diego ranked in the fourth quartile when it comes to high-risk nursing home residents with pressure sores. The study also looked at the percent of long-stay nursing home residents who were physically restrained, and the percent of long-stay nursing home residents who have moderate to severe pain. San Diego also scored poorly on these indicators of nursing home care.