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Should Parents Be Concerned About the Safety of Popular Bumbo Baby Seats?

Bumbo Baby Seats are popular among parents because they allow infants to sit upright before they can to do so on their own. However, as San Diego product liability attorneys, we are concerned by reports that these baby seats may pose a danger to small children.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, children are suffering serious injuries, even when the Bumbo Baby Seats are used as instructed. Data from the safety regulator shows that even when the seats are used on the floor and with adult supervision, infants are falling out and suffering serious injuries such as cracked skulls and broken legs.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun, the baby seats were previously recalled in 2007 after a number of reported skull fractures in babies between 3 months and 10 months old. However, the design of the product was not altered following the recall; rather, the only change Bumbo made was adding a new label on the front that reads “Prevent falls! Never use on any elevated surface.” The warning was also included in revised packaging and instruction manuals.

According to the CPSC, at least 46 infants were reported to have fallen out of the Bumbos placed on elevated surfaces prior to the 2007 recall. Since then, at least 45 more falls from raised or unstable surfaces have been reported. In addition, the CPSC has been notified of 50 reported falls from the Bumbo when it was used on the floor or at an unknown elevation.

Unlike cribs, car seats and other baby products, there are no safety standards or testing requirements for the Bumbo. That’s why several consumer safety groups, including Kids in Danger, are calling on the CPSC to recall the product. In the meantime, we caution parents about using these products, particularly if children are unattended.

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