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Car Accident FAQ: Should I Take Pictures?

Following a car accident, many victims wonder if they should try to document what happened by taking pictures. As San Diego personal injury lawyers, we encourage you to take pictures of the scene of the accident, the damage to your vehicle, any injuries you have suffered, and any anything else that may seem important.

Conveniently, many drivers now carry cell phones that also double as cameras. That makes it easy to take pictures while still on the scene of the accident. If you do not have a camera on your cell phone, a simple disposable camera purchased at a nearby gas station or convenience store can work just as well.

When taking pictures of the car accident scene, below are a few things to keep in mind:

Take your own pictures. Although police and later insurance adjusters may take photographs, it is also important to document the accident yourself. You can then provide these photos directly to your personal injury attorney and any experts retained to help build your case.

Act as quickly as possible. To get the most accurate depiction of the accident scene, it is imperative to act quickly. For instance, it is helpful to have pictures of the scene before any vehicles are towed away. It is also important to document the weather at the time of the accident as well as any other road conditions that may change. Skid marks can also fade within days, which can be important to accident reconstruction.

You can rarely take too many pictures. It is important to document the accident from a variety of angles and locations. Take pictures of the roadway from several different perspectives and make sure to capture the damage to the exterior and the interior of the vehicles involved. Finally, you should also document street signs, road obstacles, witnesses, and anything else that may be relevant.