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Have You Registered Your Car Seat?

Car seats are the best defense for small children in the event of a serious car accident. However, safety defects can cause the car seat to malfunction and fail to protect your child from injury.

Over the past few years, several popular car seat makers have issued recalls for a range of problems. In 2014, Graco recalled more than six million car seats, which was the largest car seat recall in U.S. history. Due to a defect with the buckles, they could get stuck and make it more difficult to remove the child from the seat in an emergency.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), fewer than half of the car seats involved in the Graco recall received the necessary repair. A new study also recently revealed that only 42 percent of parents return car seat registration cards, depsite the fact that 80 percent of parents consider the cards important.

To boost car seat registration, the NHTSA and Safe Kids are encouraging parents and caregivers to register their child's car seats with the manufacturer, and to take immediate action in the event that the seat is a part of a recall.

"The safety of children in cars is our biggest priority,” said NHTSA Administrator Dr. Mark Rosekind. “NHTSA is committed to helping parents register their car seats and other child products with manufacturers, which we know is critical if there is a recall. We’re also committed to working with manufacturers to make sure parents receive a quick and thorough solution during a recall so children are protected."

To verify the safety of your child’s car seat, it is important to register the product using the registration card provided upon purchase. Alternatively, consumers can register online with the car seat maker or When a recall occurs, manufacturers use the information provided on that registration card to contact consumers directly and, if needed, provide the information and appropriate equipment to repair the car seat.

If you own a Graco seat and want to find out if it was included in last year’s recall or verify the recall status of any other car seat, you can also visit the NHTSA’s website, and enter your seat’s brand name and model.

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