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Dark Winter Months Deadliest for San Diego Pedestrians

With the clocks turned back, we have entered the deadliest months of the year for San Diego pedestrians. Since the evening commute now takes place after sunset, pedestrians and drivers should exercise caution.

According to a 2014 safety study, pedestrians in San Diego are most likely to be struck by vehicles between September and January. The study found December was the most dangerous month of the year, accounting for 11 percent of all collisions. By comparison, the fewest number of pedestrian crashes occurred in May and June; each accounted for six percent of the total number of collisions.

As the Voice of San Diego reports, the San Diego pedestrian study also analyzed who was at fault for the collisions and concluded that drivers were most frequently to blame. During the four-year study period, drivers were determined to be at fault in 1,093 crashes, whereas pedestrians were at fault for 743. High risk behaviors by drivers included improper turns, failure to stop, and excessive speed. When pedestrians were to blame, the most common contributors were improperly attempting to cross and failing to pay attention to traffic.

As for where pedestrian crashes most frequently occur, the study revealed that the busiest and most population-dense neighborhoods are the most dangerous. The following community planning areas experienced the most crashes: downtown, City Heights and southeastern (which includes Sherman Heights, Grant Hill and Logan Heights). When controlling for population, the researchers found that Midway-Pacific Highway, Barrio Logan, and downtown had the highest pedestrian collision rates, per capita.

Given the hazards of traveling during the darker winter months, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists must be extra vigilant. For drivers, it is important to slow down and eliminate any potential distractions. Meanwhile, pedestrians and cyclists should take steps to make themselves more visible, such as carrying a flashlight or wearing reflective clothing.

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