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Holidays Are a Good Time to Talk to Older Drivers

If you have a senior in your family, the holidays can be a good time to discuss driving safety. Being proactive and exploring transportation alternatives can help older adults remain active while also helping to avoid a tragic crash.

Earlier this month, the American Occupational Therapy Association recognized Older Driver Safety Awareness Week. The message for senior drivers and their families is that proactive, early planning is paramount to continued independence and safety.

As we have previously discussed on this San Diego Injury Blog, physical, mental and sensory abilities that can decline as we age. In some cases, these changes can interfere with a person's continued ability to drive safely.

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), drivers aged 65 and older made up about 15 percent of the licensed drivers in California in 2014. Crash data reveals that seniors were involved in 10 percent of the fatal collisions and 8.5 percent of the injury collisions in the state. Of the 4,299 fatal crashes in 2014, slightly more than 10 percent, or 444, involved drivers age 65 and older.

The CHP offers a two-hour Age Well, Drive Smart course, which aims to help seniors tune up their driving skills, refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road, and learn how to adjust to normal age-related physical and mental changes.

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