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Child Product Safety Warning: McDonalds Recalling Happy Meal Toy Over Burn Risk

While fitness trackers are extremely popular among adults, strapping one on your child could be dangerous. McDonald’s Corp. is recalling millions of “Step-iT” Activity Wristbands, which were distributed with Happy Meals last month.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the recalled wristbands can cause skin irritation or burns to children. The fast-food chain received more than 70 reports of incidents, including seven reports of blisters, after wearing the wristbands.

The recall involves 29 million wristbands in the United States. They were distributed exclusively by McDonald’s restaurants across the country from August 9, 2016, to August 17, 2016, with Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals.

For parents who are concerned that their children may have received a faulty Happy Meal toy, the recall notice states that the Step-iT” activity wristbands come in two styles—“Activity Counter” and a motion-activated “Light-up Band.” The Activity Counter comes in translucent plastic orange, blue, or green and features a digital screen that tracks a child’s steps or other movement. The Light-up Band comes in translucent plastic red, purple, or orange and blinks light with the child’s movement.

Both styles of activity wristbands have a square face with the words “STEP-iT” printed on them and a button to depress and activate the wristband. The back of the square face contains the etched words “Made for McDonald’s.”

Given the risk of injury, the CPSC advises that consumers should immediately take the recalled wristbands away from children. They can then return them to any McDonald’s for a free replacement toy and either a yogurt tube or bag of apple slices.

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