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Apple Sued for Role in Distracting Driving Crash

The victim of a distracted driver recently named Apple Inc. in a California lawsuit. The potential class-action suit maintains that Apple should be held liable because it failed to implement technology that prevents iPhone users from texting while behind the wheel.

As we continue to highlight on this San Diego Injury Blog, distracted driving remains a problem on U.S. roadways. In 2014, 3,179 people were killed, and 431,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers. Many crashes involved drivers who were texting and driving. At any given daylight moment across the country, an estimated 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or manipulating electronic devices behind the wheel, a number that has held steady since 2010.

Julio Ceja, the plaintiff in the California suit against Apple, was injured in a crash caused by a driver who was using her iPhone. His suit seeks a court order halting the sale of all iPhones in California without a lock-out device that will disable the iPhone while being driven by an engaged motorist. The suit also seeks an order requiring that Apple update all existing iPhones to install a lock-out device.

According to the complaint:

Apple has the ability to outfit its iPhones with a lock-out device that would disable the smartphone while being used by motorists. In fact, it has had this technology since 2008, and was granted a patent on it by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2014. Yet, fearful that such a device would cause it to lose valuable market share, Apple refuses to employ the technology, choosing instead to allow the massive carnage to occur.

As Automotive News reports, Apple has faced similar claims in the past. In Texas, the company is facing a product liability lawsuit alleging that Apple could have prevented a distracted driving accident that killed two people and paralyzed a child by disabling the ability to text.

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