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About Vaage Law

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Personal Attention for Injury Victims in Catastrophic Cases

Since our founding in 1992, Vaage Law has kept our commitment to personalizing our approach for each family we represent. We provide tailored litigation strategies for the most complex cases. To us, you are not just another client file. We take the time to understand you and your unique story. We go to great lengths to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

The Vaage Law Firm is known for representing injured victims in highly complex medical fraud and battery cases, product liability cases, major car and truck crashes, and cases involving violations of civil rights. We believe in making our city and the community at large a better, safer place. Founding Attorney Bob Vaage has tried more civil cases to verdict than 95% of attorneys in San Diego and is one of the region’s top trial attorneys. He was one of the youngest attorneys to be admitted to the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), an elite trial lawyer organization.

If you have lost a loved one or have been wrongfully injured at the hands of someone else, contact us immediately.

Cases 4 Causes Podcast: Listen to Bob Vaage on the Cases 4 Causes Podcast as he talks about how Vaage Law does things differently.

Podcast Transcript

Jeremy Lynch
How would you say your firm does things differently when it comes to evaluating some of the cases that you may or may not take on?

Bob Vaage
Well, I think first and foremost, uh, is we do a lot of the leg work or the hard work upfront. The Vargas case being the example, you know, going through 60,000 pages of medical records, getting them summarized, getting them into a chronology, the huge amount of hours that that would take. And then immediately contacting key expert witnesses to get them to review the key records and to tell us whether or not we did in fact have a case that we could pursue, that we did have evidence to meet our burden of proof on the negligence or liability, the causation, the causal connection between the negligence liability and our client’s harms and losses. And then we immediately start working it up from there. We don’t wait again. I think the reason why we took that case since so many other firms didn’t take that, that case is because they didn’t wanna put the time and effort into reviewing the records.

And secondly, they realized Jayden had a severe brain injury. So they would know that the defendants in this case, Kaiser, uh, would put up a huge fight on every issue in the case liability, causation, and damages. And they knew that that would be expensive. And one of the things that we do that’s different from other firms is I intentionally don’t keep track of the costs that we’re spending in cases. Other people in my office keep track of those numbers because I don’t want to know, I don’t want it to influence what I’m doing. In the case, Vargas as an example, by the time we got that case through arbitration, we had about $350,000 in hard costs. And I never knew that number until the arbitration was over because again, I didn’t want that sort of financial factor to influence what I was doing or not doing in the case. And I think that probably is also something that makes my firm different than most.

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Successful Strategies Built on Rich Experience

Early in his career, Bob’s mentor Dan Broderick showed him that a smaller, streamlined firm can offer better, more focused personal injury services. A small firm can be more selective and impactful with its strategies using this approach. Bob heeded his mentor’s advice, and decades later, continues to provide exceptionally targeted litigation services through Vaage Law.

Bob Vaage started his career on the defense side of personal injury cases. This background makes him a master strategist, having personal knowledge of and insight into how the opposing side prepares their defenses. Because of his vast trial experience, other lawyers have sought out Bob Vaage for mentoring and co-counsel opportunities.

CASD Honors Vaage Law Attorneys With Outstanding Trial Attorney & Advocate Awards

We are humbled to announce San Diego Attorneys Bob Vaage and Beth Teixeira of Vaage Law were both honored with Outstanding Trial Attorney and Outstanding Trial Advocate awards by the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego (CASD). The Outstanding Trial Attorney awards were given for their work on a case against the County of San Diego for negligence by its sheriff’s deputies and jail nurses. The County offered $500,000 to settle the case, while Vaage Law went on to secure a $12.6 million verdict. The Outstanding Trial Advocate awards were given for their work on a $3.46 million arbitration award in a medical malpractice case against Kaiser, who made no offer to settle. Both attorneys worked tirelessly to obtain these outstanding results for their clients.

To watch Bob Vaage and Beth Teixeira’s interview for CASD’s Virtual Evening with Trial Stars, see below.

Meet the Team

With an emphasis on teamwork, an abundance of litigation resources, a tenacious attitude with great attention to detail, and a combined total of almost 150 years of legal experience, we are ready to take on the most challenging personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Robert Vaage, Founding Attorney

Charitable Organizations

Vaage Law takes great pride in our legal accomplishments, but our real sense of purpose comes from witnessing our clients achieve their goals. But Vaage Law’s compassion extends beyond our clients and to our community and its members. Giving back to charitable organizations is just another way we express our dedication to those in great need. Below is a list of some of our favorite charities:

  • Hogar Infantil La Gloria Orphanage
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
  • Make-a-Wish San Diego
  • San Diego Humane Society
  • San Diego Youth Services
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Crisis House
  • St. Labre Indian School
  • Crisis House
  • Mercy Outreach Surgical Team
  • San Diego Rescue Mission
  • San Diego Food Bank
  • San Diego Boys and Girls Club
  • San Diego Humane Society
  • EP [Eric Paredes] Save-a-Life Foundation
  • Big Brothers of San Diego County