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San Diego Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

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How Can a San Diego Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Help You?

Accidents and collisions can result in serious injuries, among them traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Our San Diego brain injury lawyers can help determine who is liable and pursue an injury claim on your behalf.

A brain injury can quickly alter the course of a person’s life. Careers, hobbies, and relationships can all be affected, jeopardizing your income, happiness, and family stability. A traumatic brain injury lawsuit can help recover the funds you need to heal, secure dignified care, and provide for your family’s future.

A San Diego brain injury attorney from Vaage Law can help you. We have experience in handling a wide range of traumatic brain injuries, including those stemming from falls, assaults, sports injuries, car crashes, and motorcycle collisions. We can help you pursue a case for yourself or your family member, including a child.

Reach out to our offices online or by calling (619) 338-0505 for a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation. Read on for more information about the types of damages that may be available for brain injury sufferers and their families to improve their futures.

What Kind of Settlement Can a San Diego Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Help Secure?

The settlement you may take home from a traumatic brain injury lawsuit depends on two important factors. The first is the severity of your injuries, the second is how skilled your attorney is at negotiating for the full value of your losses.

A TBI attorney from Vaage Law can negotiate a settlement based on:

  • Economic damages that are often represented in documents like receipts for items like:
    • Medical bills for emergency transport, surgery, hospitalization, and follow-up care
    • Pay stubs detailing the amount of wages lost if you were out of work after the accident
    • Other costs like vehicle repairs after a car accident or home modifications if you now need mobility aids like a wheelchair 
  • Non-economic damages for often invisible costs such as:
    • Physical pain and suffering caused by your injuries
    • Psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, or PTSD
    • Marital or family strife that affects your spouse or children

An experienced San Diego brain injury lawyer from Vaage Law can hire expert witnesses to testify on how one person’s TBI can impact their job, their family connections, and their quality of life. Our network of experts includes medical professionals, economic accountants, and psychiatric authorities who can paint a full picture of all you have suffered, and what can be done through a settlement to help realistically alleviate those issues.

For the surviving family members of someone who lost their life due to a traumatic brain injury or resulting complications, wrongful death damages may be available. A wrongful death claim can cover economic costs like end-of-life expenses and loss of income, as well as non-economic damages like the loss of a person’s unique companionship and guidance.

What Brain Injury Symptoms Can a TBI Lawyer Handle?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a traumatic brain injury is diagnosed by symptoms such as:

  • Headaches, nausea or vomiting, and seizures
  • Concentration difficulties, memory loss, and speech problems
  • Cognition changes in sensory perception (touch, sound, and visuals)
  • Coordination loss, problems with balance, numbness in toes or fingers
  • Mood and behavior changes like increased aggression, an inability to control impulses, or attempts at self-harm

It is extremely important to seek medical attention after a head injury, regardless of symptoms. Many brain injuries have delayed symptoms, meaning your treatable injury could be worsening without professional medical evaluation. Seeking a medical diagnosis right away also benefits a potential lawsuit, as it provides clear evidence of the injury directly after the accident that caused you harm.

An in-depth understanding of what these symptoms mean for your recovery prospects and your quality of life are key. You only have one opportunity to file a lawsuit for your injuries, so the case your lawyer builds must be comprehensive. 

The settlement or verdict you take home should cover the full duration of your injury recovery and aftercare, especially if that care is needed for the rest of your natural life.

Our San Diego firm has decades of experience in catastrophic injury law. Attorney Bob Vaage and his team have recovered more than $175 million in damages for clients, including individuals who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. Contact our TBI lawyers at (619) 338-0505 to explore your legal options.

What Are the Different Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Different types of traumatic brain injuries require different kinds of care:

  • Concussions are injuries that occur when the brain is damaged but the skull is not, as in whiplash car accident injuries when the brain is shaken inside the head.
  • Skull fractures involve a break in the cranial bone, which can happen during slip and fall accidents when a person’s head hits the ground after falling.
  • Penetrating injuries happen when the skull is pieced by an object that also damages the underlying brain, as can occur during a violent assault.
  • Contusions consist of bruising or bleeding of the brain tissue, and are often associated with a direct impact to the head.
  • Diffuse axonal injuries occur when brain structures tear by rotational force, and are most common in car accidents due to the high speeds and momentum involved.

Data evaluated by Harvard Medical School shows that clinical decisions made in the first few weeks after a traumatic brain injury have a long-lasting effect on a patient’s recovery prospects. A delay in treatment, as can happen with arrest and jail injuries while a person is in police custody, could mean the difference between recovering to enjoy an independent life or requiring at-home or residential care. 

In the United States, your access to expert care depends on your ability to afford treatment. A traumatic brain injury lawsuit may be your best option to provide for those needs. 

Contact an Experienced San Diego TBI Attorney

Traumatic brain injuries require consistent, long-term professional care. The losses experienced by one person often impact their colleagues, friends, and family. The financial support a TBI lawsuit may afford you can directly improve your recovery prospects and the quality of the rest of your life. You deserve an attorney who understands the gravity of your situation, and has the proven ability to secure significant results.

At Vaage Law, every single person in the firm works on your case. With almost 150 years of combined legal experience and more than $175 million recovered for our clients. Our case results show substantial wins for real people, including multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for brain injury clients. Whether your head injury results from a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, or is the result of premises liability, product liability, or medical malpractice, we are here to help get your life back on track.

Take the first step towards justice by calling our San Diego offices at (619) 338-0505, or filling out our online form. Your information will be kept private and confidential. We return phone calls usually within 24 hours and work to provide you with prompt, professional, and personalized attention. Our firm’s small size allows us to give you and your case the individualized and quality care you deserve.

San Diego Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit FAQs

What is the common cause of traumatic brain injury?

The previously linked CDC article states that the most common causes of TBIs are falls, followed by firearm-related injury, then motor vehicle crashes. Falls lead to nearly half of TBI-related hospitalizations each year. Slips and falls are also the leading cause of TBIs for children and elders over the age of 75.

What does it cost to hire a TBI lawyer?

While some attorneys or firms may require a consultation fee or retainer before considering your case, at Vaage Law, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means that you don’t pay us a dime unless we win your case. We invest our work and hire experts upfront, and only recoup our fees if we secure a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

This arrangement directly benefits our clients. We know that individuals and families are likely experiencing difficult financial situations after a traumatic brain injury — we do not charge upfront because at Vaage Law we seek to relieve your burdens, not add to them.

What resources does Vaage Law have to help my brain injury case?

Depending on the nature and extent of the trauma, head injuries can cause very subtle changes to the brain. Proving the cause of a brain injury or the nature and extent of the impact of the brain injury on the victim requires highly specialized experts.

Expert witness Vaage Law may use include: neuroradiologists to determine the location and extent of the injury; neuropsychologists to correlate the brain injury to loss of function; physiatrists to determine future care needs; life care planners to calculate the cost of future care; rehabilitation experts to determine if the injured victim can return to work; and then an economist to calculate the full amount of economic damages. 

An experienced traumatic brain injury attorney will know what experts will be required and who are renowned in their field.

How long do I have to file a brain injury lawsuit?

Each state has what is known as a “statute of limitations” that limits the window in which you can file a personal injury case related to TBIs.

The traumatic brain injury lawyers at Vaage Law are headquartered in San Diego, where the deadline to file a brain injury lawsuit can be as little as 2 years from the accident or injury in California. Some rare exceptions exist for this timeframe, such as in cases involving minor children, medical malpractice delayed diagnosis, or if the original cause of the injury was covered up

It is extremely important to consult an attorney as soon as possible. Reach out to us online or by calling (619) 338-0505 for your free consultation. Our team at Vaage Law can meet case deadlines on your behalf so you do not miss out on your opportunity for justice.

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