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Injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

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In particularly dense, urban areas like San Diego, there is an increased risk of car collisions with pedestrians. These accidents pose an enormous threat to pedestrians. Even at low speeds, these victims are exposed to significant impacts and put at risk of serious, even catastrophic injuries.

When these accidents occur because of driver negligence, legal action may be warranted. Pedestrian accident victims are often burdened with not only physical recovery from their injuries, but also medical bills and potentially lost wages. Our dedicated San Diego pedestrian accident attorneys at Vaage Law are experienced in accident reconstruction and the types of injuries sustained by pedestrians. Over the years, we have recovered over $150 million in compensation for our clients and have honed the strategies, methods, and tenacity needed to secure results for injured pedestrians.

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Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Not every motor vehicle collision with a pedestrian is grounds for an injury suit. For example, if a pedestrian suddenly dashes out into traffic and is harmed, the motorist involved likely cannot be held legally responsible. The motorist must display negligence on the road—or anywhere where traffic and pedestrians coexist—for there to be grounds for legal action.

Pedestrian accidents involving motorist negligence usually occur at:

  • Crosswalks and intersections
  • Curbside (or road shoulder)
  • Bus stops
  • Parking lots (and parking structures)
  • Gas stations
  • Driveways intersecting sidewalks

In these places, pedestrians often have the right of way and drivers are expected to display heightened vigilance to avoid harming anyone.

If you have been hurt in one of these areas, or any other where a motorist acted irresponsibly, then we invite you to contact us today. We are ready to hear your story and, if necessary, begin thoroughly pursing a claim for your pain and suffering.

Start exploring your legal options today. Contact our San Diego pedestrian accident lawyers for a free case evaluation.




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