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Weekly Trial Tips for Personal Injury Lawyers

The 7th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution preserves the right to a jury trial. That said, fewer civil cases go to trial, which means there are fewer experienced trial attorneys. Trials take a tremendous amount of time, effort, sweat, and tears. Bob Vaage and his staff have distilled almost 150 years of combined trial experience into a series of weekly trial tips on everything from jury selection to closing statements. This is a rare opportunity to see into Bob’s trial strategies with the goal of encouraging aspiring trial attorneys.


Benefits of Subscribing to Our Weekly Trial Tips

When it comes to trial, nothing surpasses direct experience in the courtroom. While everyone has their own style, certain techniques and strategies have been found to be successful in the courtroom. Those are the types of practice tips Bob Vaage wants to share with aspiring trial attorneys. Bob’s Weekly Trial Tips draw not only from his successes, but also his few losses. For attorneys looking to improve their craft, benefits include:

  • Lists of books that Bob has found to be helpful in his practice. These are not necessarily legal how-to books. They include The Culture Code (a book about marketing strategies) and Spy the Lie (lie detection taught by CIA operatives).
  • Detailed trial strategies, including presentation of evidence, selecting jurors, and verdict forms.
  • Tips arrive directly to your inbox. There’s no need to hunt for information.

Tips for Improving Your Practice: What to Expect

Vaage Trial Tips will address different topics, and will be emailed to subscribers once a week. They will include a wide range of topics; all intended to provide insights and help you think critically about areas where your trial practice could improve. The Weekly Trial Tips will be emailed to subscribers every Monday morning. Subscribers must sign a virtual agreement certifying that they solely represent injury plaintiffs in order to receive the emails. You can get started by filling out the form below.

Topics for Weekly Trial Tips

Below are sample topics from Bob’s Weekly Trial Tips. New topics will be introduced or expounded upon, and some topics may be so detailed that they warrant a series of tips.


  • Learning more about “Reptile” type of strategies, when they do and don’t seem to work
  • How to practice your opening and closing statements
  • Trial Presentations – PowerPoint and its strengths and weaknesses
  • The importance of effective cross-examination
  • What should be in that Trial Notebook
  • Effective use of videotaped deposition testimony to impeach a witness

Watch a Video: Get a glimpse into what our Trial Tips cover.


“I highly recommend this law firm if you need a personal injury lawyer in San Diego.”

– David B., Hawaii Accident Injury Attorney

“From the very beginning, everything was about preparation, everything was about getting ready, and I don’t think we could have been any more prepared to go to trial.”

– Omar B., former client in a Wrongful Death Auto case

“They know exactly how to find out what happened to you. And, if something wrong happened to you, they know how to develop a case to expose what happened.”

– Jerome L., former client in a Medical Fraud and Product Liability case

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