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Unrivaled Trial Experience: Case Referral and Association of Counsel Opportunities

At Vaage Law, we are committed to providing the highest quality legal services to injured San Diego residents. As part of our continual efforts to elevate the standards in the legal community, Vaage Law offers Case Referral and Co-Counsel opportunities.

Case referrals or co-counsel partnerships are an opportunity to yield the greatest results for both the client and the attorneys involved. As an accomplished trial lawyer with experience in complex, sophisticated injury cases, founding attorney Bob Vaage has

  • Tried more civil cases to verdict than 95% of the attorneys in San Diego
  • Recovered more than $150 million for his clients
  • Arbitrated over 30 Kaiser cases
  • Earned a membership with the American Board of Trial Advocates as one of the youngest attorneys to meet the rigorous criteria for successfully trying cases to verdict


Cases 4 Causes Podcast: Listen to Bob Vaage on the Cases 4 Causes Podcast as he talks about why he intentionally keeps the size of his firm relatively small.

Podcast Transcript

Landon Harlan:
You intentionally run quite a small practice that seems to me to be a bit of a differentiator. Can you expand upon that? In this world of law firms that are claiming to be the largest and claiming to be the biggest, why do you stay with as few people as you do have?

Bob Vaage:
Well, you know, I learned a long time ago in my line of work as well as pretty much any other line of work bigger does not necessarily make you better. I think there's a natural temptation in what lawyers who do what I do for a living to wanna expand the size of their practice and expand the size of the net that they're casting, hire more lawyers take in more cases. And I think that that leads to some practices that may not be in the best interest of the clients they're representing. If they get too spread too thin, they have too many cases that they're working, they may not have the time to work up an individual case the way it should be worked up, and they may not have the financial resources, the money to put into an individual case that needs to be put in to put the client in the best position to get the best resolution of their case.

So with that in mind, we keep a cap on the number of cases that we handle at any given time because we don't wanna be spread too thin. We want to be able to concentrate on the details of the individual cases of the people that we're representing. And we wanna make sure that we have the financial resources to see things through add into that. The fact that for me, any case that comes into my office, I'm taking personal responsibility for keeping my practice small, allows me to do that. And it allows me in, at least in my opinion, to provide the best possible service for the people that we choose to represent. I mean, to give you an idea, we typically screen 1300 cases a year and we typically take about 15.

For these reasons, Bob Vaage is in a unique position to assist other attorneys in trial and arbitration. Bob’s list of Awards and Accolades includes:

  • 2020 recipient of “Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award” for his work on Collins v. County of San Diego
  • 2020 recipient of “Outstanding Trial Advocate Award” for his work on Mitchell v. Kaiser
  • Named 2017 Personal Injury Litigation “Lawyer of the Year” in San Diego by Best Lawyers. Only one lawyer per practice area in each community receives this honor.
  • Named Trial Lawyer of the Year, Outstanding Trial Lawyer, and Outstanding Advocate by Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
  • Super Lawyer Top 50 Attorneys in San Diego designation
  • AV Rating, Martindale-Hubbell’s highest possible rating


Regardless of your trial needs, we are ready to assist in almost any type of personal injury or wrongful death cases.  At the end of the day, we want to make sure the client receives the best possible representation he or she deserves.

Who Benefits from Case Referrals and Co-Counsel Opportunities? 

  • Law firms without enough resources for thorough case preparation
  • Newer attorneys looking for experience handling complex injury cases
  • Firms practicing in a different area of law from what the case involves
We are frequently asked by other lawyers to step in as co-counsel and try their cases. These types of arrangements are beneficial to the lawyer and client.  We add value to a case.”

– Bob Vaage

Unmatched Litigation Skills

With more than 38 years of experience, Bob’s courtroom acumen is unparalleled. He is a powerful and dynamic storyteller, and many attorneys come to the courtroom to observe and learn. Considered a masterful cross-examiner, Bob has the keen ability to listen to the witness’s answer, recall prior inconsistent facts or testimony, and follow up with the most probing questions.

Don’t let the witness answer a different question from what you posed. Politely go back as many times as necessary to get an answer. Don’t let up.”

– Bob Vaage


Bob’s trial mantra is to “keep it simple.” His extensive experience with complex personal injury cases allows him to present difficult liability, causation, and damages issues in an understandable way for a jury. As lead or co-counsel, Vaage Law brings to the table:

  • Research-driven litigation strategies
  • Exclusive access to a network of top industry experts
  • Cutting-edge presentation technology
  • Added settlement value

Watch a Video: We encourage lawyers to bring cases to us for the best outcome for the client.

Partner With Attorney Robert Vaage

Whether you are looking for a partnership, consultant, collaborative association, or mentorship, Vaage Law can be trusted to assist you with your personal injury or wrongful death case. By associating with Bob Vaage early on in the case, you will benefit from his years of experience working up cases for trial, conducting discovery, and researching novel theories. An association agreement can be tailored to the level of involvement you need. Contact us at (619) 338-0505 to get started.

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