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Scuba divers rely on pressure gauges to provide critical tank pressure readings.  With the advent of wireless technology, some divers opt for wireless pressure transmitters to transmit air pressure data to an external dive computer worn on the wrist.  When transmission of this data is intermittent or lost, divers are in great danger and can drown.  Divers should therefore be aware of the following recall of a defective device that might endanger their lives.

Shearwater Research has recalled its yellow wireless pressure transmitters for signal loss.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “The transmitters can fail to signal the tank pressure due to interference while using two transmitters in the same dive. This poses a drowning hazard to divers.”  Shearwater describes the hazard in more detail on its website.  When both the yellow and gray transmitters are used by the same diver on the same dive, signal interference can cause loss of communications leading to flashing red warnings and “No Comms” messages.  Tank pressure data will no longer be communicated to the diver.

The recalled transmitters are yellow, three inches long, cylindrical, and marked “FCC ID: MH8A,” with part number 13009 or 13009-01 printed on the packaging and an 8-digit serial number starting in FK or BM.  They were sold in stores and online from June 2017 through November 2018.  Even if divers are using only one yellow transmitter, they can still request a replacement with a gray transmitter.  The gray transmitters are not affected by this recall and are functionally the same as the yellow transmitters.

Divers should discontinue using the yellow version of this device and contact Shearwater by e-mail at or call 604-669-9958.  If the transmitter was purchased through a third party, consumers should contact the original source of purchase for information about the recall.

The San Diego personal injury attorneys at Vaage Law urge divers to use submersible pressure gauges in addition to these types of wireless transmitters as a backup safety system should the wireless transmitter fail.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective scuba diving device, contact Vaage Law for a free consultation. 




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