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Elevated PSA and Enlarged Prostate

$400,000 – Medical Malpractice/Negligence


A 62-year-old was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer after medical care providers failed to follow up on elevated PSA levels.

A $400,000 settlement was reached in San Diego between the plaintiffs, a 62-year-old retiree and his wife, and the defendants, a doctor and his medical center, where the doctor allegedly failed to follow up on a slightly elevated PSA score until the retiree’s prostate cancer had reached an advanced stage. When plaintiff John Doe had his PSA score tested by the defendant, it was measured at 4.1. The normal range is said to be 0-4. At that time, the defendant did not order any follow-up. Two years later, a digital rectal examination during a physical conducted by the defendant in January revealed that the patient had an enlarged prostate. His PSA test score at that time registered 4.8. Once again, no follow-up was ordered. By December the patient’s PSA had dropped to 4.5. It was not until July of the following year, when the patient’s PSA had risen to 10.2 that the defendant decided to order additional tests which revealed advanced prostate cancer.


Failure to follow-up on slightly elevated PSA in violation of the standard of care. Defendants denied any negligence.


Plaintiff underwent months of hormonal therapy, had a radical prostatectomy, and will probably need radiation therapy. His surgery left him permanently without sexual function. Further, his recent positive PSA tests have indicated the continued presence of the antigen. Plaintiff’s wife sued for loss of consortium.

Special Notes

Plaintiffs demanded $501,385; Defendants offered $225,000.




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Medical Malpractice/Negligence

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