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Medical Negligence by Kaiser Orthopedic Surgeon

$1,489,568 – Medical Malpractice/Negligence


Excessive traction during shoulder surgery caused a permanent brachial plexus injury to a woman’s arm and dominant hand. A Kaiser arbitrator found in her favor.

On February 19th, a Southern California Kaiser Arbitrator, Thomas E. Gniatkowski, awarded $1,489,568 to Claimant VB for medical negligence by Kaiser orthopedic surgeon, Najeeb Ahmed Khan, M.D., and/or his surgical team, in performing a shoulder arthroscopy and biceps tenodesis.


VB, a real estate agent and home remodeler, alleged that she sustained permanent brachial plexus injury to her arm and dominant hand as a result of excessive traction during the surgery, and then developed complex regional pain syndrome.


Economic damages were based on VB’s inability to work as a real estate agent and flip homes.

Special Notes

Kaiser patients sign an agreement to arbitrate medical negligence claims.






Medical Malpractice/Negligence

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