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C Sections Lead Outcomes Mother Child?

Cesarean section delivery rates in California have been rising at the same time as increases in maternal morbidity. Experts believe that’s because C-sections have higher risks of complications such as infection, bleeding or blood clots when compared to vaginal births.

Given the added risk for medical error and other adverse outcomes, we are pleased to report that the sharp rise in Cesarean section childbirth finally may have peaked.

According to preliminary government data released last week, C-section deliveries were down slightly in 2010—from 32.8% of all deliveries compared to 32.9% in 2010. By contrast, the nation’s C-section rate in 1970 was only 5%. The rising C-section birth trend has been widely criticized because many surgical deliveries are not performed for medical reasons, according to numerous studies.

Although C-sections increase the risk of problems in the mother and baby, doctors have increasingly allowed a “patient-choice” C-section, which allows women to avoid labor and effectively schedule their delivery. In addition, doctors have also been reluctant to allow vaginal birth in a patient with a prior C-section because of fears of being sued due to a bad outcome.

However, the increase in the C-section rate has decelerated over the last few years, and 2010 marks the first decline. Although no cause has yet been determined, it is possible that doctors have finally relented to mounting pressure to reconsider performing C-sections for non-medical reasons, largely due to safety concerns.

Source: LA Times