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School Bus Accident Reveals Loophole in California Texting Law

In recent years, California has significantly strengthened its laws on cell phone use behind the wheel. The state now bans texting and handheld cellphone use by all drivers.

Yet, due to a number of exceptions written into the law, school bus and transit drivers are still permitted to use their phones. The law simply requires the cellphone activity to be connected to their job duties.

As reports, the loophole came to light after a student took a cellphone video of a Florida bus driver texting while driving. The footage shows the driver steering the bus with her knee while she texts. Not surprisingly, the bus weaves in and out of the lane.

While many San Diego parents assume that California school bus drivers could not get away with such risky behavior, the truth is that their cellphone use may not be illegal. The discovery has spurred driving safety advocates to close loopholes in the state’s distracted driving laws.

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