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Are Patients Receiving Defective Insulin Pumps?

Medical devices continue to be a major safety concern for patients in San Diego and across the country. In the most recent case, the Food and Drug Administration has accused Johnson & Johnson’s Animas unit of continuing to sell insulin pumps after learning they were defective.

In a strongly worded letter to the company, the FDA reprimanded the company for not adequately explaining “why your firm continued to manufacture insulin pumps” after they “had known failures.”

This is not the first safety issue for J&J, the world’s second-largest maker of health-care products, in the past several years. According to certain media reports, the company has released an alarming nearly 30 product recalls since September 2009.

The current recall involves OneTouch Ping and 2020 insulin pumps. According to the FDA letter, inspectors found Animas never reported one complaint of serious patient injury and delayed reporting on two others. Those patients were hospitalized with dangerously high blood sugar, respiratory failure, coma, and a life-threatening complication called diabetic ketoacidosis caused by lack of insulin to break down blood sugar.

Pursuant to the FDA letter, J&J is required to explain why it continued to sell the faulty medical devices as well as submit a plan to rectify its failure to promptly report cases where its device might have caused or contributed to death or serious injury.

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