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Overzealous Mascot Leads to Injury Claim Against ASU

College football fans are undoubtedly familiar with the Arizona State University Sun Devils and their mascot, Sparky. Unfortunately, Sparky got a bit too familiar himself when he jumped on the back of Tempe city Councilman David Schapira during the “City of Tempe Night” halftime ceremony. While the act may seem relatively harmless on the surface, Schapira was still recovering from a major back surgery he underwent just three months before.

A Prank Gone Wrong

In his claim filed against ASU, Schapira wrote that he felt a pop in his lower back just after Sparky jumped on him, which later turned out to be a muscle tearing. His wife and a number of others all started to yell at Sparky to get off, but ultimately another Councilman had to pull him off Schapira’s back. He then managed to stagger toward a fence, but was denied a chair by an ASU security guard. Eventually, he had to be carted off the field and was transported via ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Schapira Suffered Severe Injuries

Ultimately, Schapira was forced to miss 10 days of work due to the injury, 4 of which were spent in the hospital. He suffered a muscle tear, which will take up to six months to fully hear according to Schapira’s doctor. He is seeking $96,146 in damages for himself, and is also seeking another $27,000 to reimburse the city for the costs they have already incurred as a result of this incident.

Schapira has stated publicly that ASU has been extremely helpful so far, and has implied that he has no plans to file a lawsuit, stating that his “hope is (that) this should be it.” Thankfully, it seems that Schapira will ultimately recover fully from the injury caused by the questionable judgement of the mascot.

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This story serves as a reminder that serious injuries can happen when you least expect them. Although ASU seems to be proactively trying to get Schapira the money he deserves, most cases are not this easy.

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