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Adult Portable Bed Handles Pose Deadly Hazards

As San Diego product liability attorneys, we want to alert our readers to an important product defect. Bed Handles Inc. is recalling approximately 113,000 adult portable bed handles that pose a serious risk of entrapment, strangulation and death.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

(CPSC), when safety retention straps are not used in conjunction with the handle, it can shift out of place and create a dangerous gap between the bed handle and the side of the mattress. Bed Handles Inc. first announced the recall in May 2014. However, the response rate was only one percent.

Given the serious nature of the risks posed by the defect, the company is reannouncing the recall. To date, three deaths have been linked to the defective product. In each case, the victim died after becoming entrapped between the mattress and the bed handles.

The defective adult portable bed handles were sold from 1994 through 2007 and do not have safety retention straps to secure the bed handle to the bed frame to keep the bed handle from shifting out of place and creating a dangerous gap. Recalled models include the Original Bedside Assistant® (BA10W), the Travel Handles™ (BA11W) which is sold as a set of two bed handles, and the Adjustable Bedside Assistant® (AJ1). They were sold at home health care stores, drug stores and medical equipment stores nationwide and in home and health care catalogs for about $100.

The CPSC advises that consumers should immediately stop using all recalled bed handles that were sold without safety retention straps. They can then contact Bed Handles, Inc. for free safety retention straps to secure the bed handle to the bed frame, new assembly and installation instructions, and a warning label to attach to the bed handles. To prevent the potentially fatal gap, the bed handles should be used only with the safety retention straps securely in place attaching the bed handle to the bed frame.