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Are Some of Us at Greater Risk for a San Diego Pedestrian Accident?

When drivers are negligent or distracted, they may fail to detect a pedestrian crossing the street. In California, accidents involving pedestrians are particularly common. In fact, the state leads the country in pedestrian crashes.

In 2014, 700 pedestrians were killed in California, accounting for 23 percent of the state’s motor vehicle fatalities. Even more concerning, the number of pedestrian accident fatalities increased seven percent in the first half of 2015 compared with the year before, according to a recent study.

Unfortunately, some of our most vulnerable populations are most at risk for a San Diego pedestrian accident, including children and the elderly.

California Pedestrian Accident Risk High for Children

Small children are particularly at risk, because it is more difficult for drivers to spot them. In addition, children do not always pay close attention to crosswalk rules, or they may not hear a vehicle approaching. Tragically, many California pedestrian accidents involving children are fatal.

For pedestrian accidents involving young children, the law requires drivers to maintain a high level of awareness and safety when driving in areas where small children may be present, such as schools and playgrounds. Because the conduct of children may be unpredictable, i.e. darting into the street to fetch a bouncing ball, vehicle drivers must exercise additional caution.

California Pedestrian Accident Risk High for Elderly

The elderly population is also more susceptible to pedestrian crashes. Older people move more slowly, are more easily confused, and may not hear traffic, which puts them at greater risk. Additionally, because of their frailty or other existing medical problems, the elderly may face more serious injuries if involved in an accident.

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