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Top Causes of San Diego Motorcycle Crashes

With its warm weather and scenic roadways, San Diego County is a haven for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, crashes are also more prevalent. In 2013, California ranked third for motorcycle fatalities.

Across the country, motorcyclists account for 14 percent of all motor vehicle-related deaths, even though motorcycles account for only 3 percent of vehicles on the road. Because a motorcycle provides riders very little protection, even riders who survive a crash often still suffer very serious injuries.

While motorcycle accidents can have a variety of causes, some of the most prevalent include:

  • Failure to yield: If drivers don’t exercise caution when turning, merging or changing lanes, they can trigger a serious crash. Left-turn collisions are particularly common at intersections.
  • Failure to recognize a motorcycle: Distracted drivers who are texting or talking on their cell phones often don’t see motorcycles until it is too late.
  • Following too closely: Drivers often don’t realize how quickly a motorcycle can come to a stop. Tailgating can cause a dangerous rear-end collision.
  • Poor road conditions: Road defects, such as potholes, uneven pavement or standing water, are especially dangerous for motorcyclists. In some cases, the public entities tasked with maintaining the roadways can be held liable.
  • Defective equipment: If a faulty bike, helmet or other protective gear contributed to the crash or the severity of your injuries, you may be able to pursue a claim against the manufacturer or seller of the product.

Many motorcycle accident victims require extended hospital stays and lengthy rehabilitation, which can result in costly medical bills and weeks missed from work. In some cases, bikers may have life-long disabilities, such as brain damage and paralysis. Unfortunately, negligent drivers and their insurance companies will often try to shift the blame to the injured biker. If you have been seriously hurt while riding your motorcycle in the San Diego area, you need an experienced injury attorney to protect your legal rights.

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