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Do You Know What to Do if Your Child Is Sick or Injured?

Do You Know What to Do if Your Child Is Sick or Injured?

What do you do if someone else’s negligence causes your child’s injury or illness?   One of the most vulnerable groups in our population is children. When children are injured by the negligence of others, the entire family is affected and potentially devastated....

Remembering Vin Scully

Remembering Vin Scully

Tuesday was a sad day for baseball, America, and more specifically, people who grew up in California. For those of my generation who were raised in California, Vin Scully's voice is woven into our childhood memories. I fondly recall listening to the sound of his voice...




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$25,300,000 - Force Feeds Cause Bowel Perforation

In utero, J.V. was diagnosed with a congenital twisting of his bowels called atresia. A few days after birth, he had surgical repair at Kaiser Sunset.